Basic Meal Ideas

I don’t feel my family should be forced to restrict certain foods just because I am.  However, as the main meal maker, I have most of the pull.  Meal adjustments I make for Zoe, my daughter, are  noted in pink & Darren, my husband, in blue. We tend to favor the same foods, which does make meal planning much easier. Any gluten snacks Darren chooses to eat he has to buy and prepare himself.

Below is an example of what a weekday menu looks like for us. I prepare meals twice a week, Sunday night and Wednesday night, for quick packing or reheating.


  • Egg & Veggie Bake
  • Bacon (turkey patty)
  • Coffee w/ coconut milk (or raw whole milk)
  • Hot cocoa, milk or tea


  • Grilled chicken salad w/ avocado, tomatoes & cucumbers
  • Protein (beef frank, turkey slices or chicken nuggs) veggies, apple & plantain chips


  • Meat & veggies
  • Sauerkraut (I’m on my own on this one)


  • Meatballs & Broth 
  • Raw almonds & green apple
  • Plantain chips
  • Hummus and veggies or crackers
  • Apple rings or celery w/ sunbutter


Any thoughts?

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