It’s official, I’m sick 😦  Slept in till last minute today,  jumped out of bed and got ready for work in less than 10 minutes… seriously slept in. Once again my meals in a jar have saved me,  not that I’m remotely hungry. My co-workers have lovingly coined the phrase “jarring it” when it comes to my meals. “Hey Jess, wanna go out to lunch or are you jarring it?”. Love it!  Really wish I could have stayed home today though…being a grown up sucks.


Once again, no workout, which makes me totally sad, BUT I know what I need to feel better

  • Rest
  • Supplement (500mg Vitamin C every 4 hrs in addition to my daily vitamins)
  • Hydrate (lots of herbal tea and warm water with lemon)
  • Bone Broth
  • REST


  • Chicken Nuggs, brocoli  & ½ avocado (in a jar)
  • Coffee and coconut milk


  • 4oz chicken on romaine w/ ½ avocado
  • Peppermint tea


  • Huge salad w/ lots of ham,  an abundance of turkey, avocado and tomatos


  • Raw almonds & green apple
  • Tea Tea and MORE Tea
  • Bone broth and lots of it

That’s all I got for day 4. BEDTIME! Nite nite!


Any thoughts?

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