I have a lot ahead of me this week (i.e. school functions, family events, work, life etc), BUT totally prepared for everything in front of me. The family 5 day meal plan is ready, groceries bought and most of the food is ready for me to prepare (or have the hubby do it).  Why 5 day? Because I don’t like to plan weekends, we kinda go with the flow those days.

Breakfast & lunch stay the same throughout the week. For breakfast I made a few dozen muffins (Cinnamon-Banana, Coconut & Spice Muffins) and froze them, I can pull them out the night before and have them thawed by the AM…it’s all about having a back-up plan.    The only tweak I make is my husbands lunch, he can eat wheat and prefers to have a sandwich some weeks, this is one of those weeks (his lunch is noted in blue).


As you can see, the meals seem fairly basic. If I have time and feel creative, or if anyone else in the house wants a go at it, we will do something slightly different with the dish. A fish dinner can turn into curry fish and veggies or fish fajitas, just depends on our mood and amount of time we are willing to spend on cooking that day, but at least the basic meal plan is known.

My grocery budget it tight, we don’t live off credit cards, just what’s in our checking account. So I keep it to $75max to feed a family of 3 (even 4) with leftovers that can be frozen for later. There are weeks that the budget increases for some extras like coconut flour, almond flour, maple syrup, but that’s about once a month.  Also, I only shop for the week, I don’t want food to spoil or that can’t freeze well.

Well, that’s all I have to say about my meal plans, now I’m off to make some bacon wrapped chicken 😉



  1. Great list. I was actually thinking “these are so simple!” while I was reading them. We also live on a strict budget. Especially with groceries. I can get really excited and maybe a little bit overboard while I’m in the grocery store. If I stick to a good list and budget it keeps me on track!

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