25 days of the 21 day Sugar Detox is OVER, I started early to prevent any New Year binging.  Week 2 was tough, but it’s just food so it’s something you easily put into perspective and get over.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the detox and plan on doing it again in February, it forced me to cook alternative meals, not cook with added sugar and uses spices instead…love it…and cinnamon 🙂


  • Plan ALL your meals, especially the 2nd week – We get super jazzed about starting a new program that the first week can be simple, but we lose momentum come day 8. 
  • Only buy what you need – Make a list and stick to it. I don’t are if maple syrup is on sale now, DON’T DO IT! Don’t set yourself up for failure.
  • Read or listen to something that motivates you everyday – I love love love listening to the Balanced Bites Podcast , both Diane and Liz are a wealth of knowledge and I personally find them chatty, yet entertaining.
  • Perspective – Remember, it’s only 3 weeks.  If that seems like FOR-EV-ER, then commit to a 2 week detox

I didn’t expect to get any results, after all I’ve done every program in the book, name it I’ve done it…ugh!  This morning I finally got on the scale, something I haven’t done or obsessed about in 20ish days and was shocked to see that the number changed from…yah right…a lady never tells.  So, this is what I noticed after the program…

  • 5lb weight loss
  • Radiant skin
  • Stronger nails
  • Better sleep
  • No mid day sugar crashes or cravings
  • My body feels healthier

After those results, why wouldn’t someone give it a try?

Check out the program and give it a try, link is on webpage side bar. You’ve got nothing to lose except the cravings…cheesy 🙂


Any thoughts?

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