This is a recipe that can change flavors (cinnamon, cocoa, pumpkin etc) as well as be used as a frosting, dip or any type of topping.  This is just a base for you to start with.  I recommend refrigerating overnight before using it in order for the coconut sugar to dissolve into the coconut creme.  It makes enough for 6 regular size cupcakes, or the top of a small cake, but double if you want to frost an entire cake.

  • 16oz can coconut cream (excess liquid drained)
  • 2 tbsp coconut sugar (do not add if on a 21 Day Sugar Detox)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  1. Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and with electric mixer…mix
  2. There is no step 2 😉 It’s that simple!

Comments:  For breakfast dishes, such as my Banana Bread Casserole, I add 1tbsp of cinnamon.  If you are on the 21 DAY SUGAR DETOX do not add the coconut sugar, instead add a few pinches of clove, cinnamon or allspice…your choice.


Any thoughts?

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