Well, it’s back, it seems to always come back on February 14th. I’ve never been a “ROMANCE ME NOW” kinda gal.  I’m seriously happier getting a meat grinder on January 28th than flowers on “V-DAY”.  However, I do looooove an excuse to make treats for friends and family. Plus, there’s something about labeling “Paleo” that makes me feel a little less guilty about dishing the food out.

This year I made 3 really simple desserts. Honestly, the total time to make all of them was about an hour and guess what? You don’t have to share 😉

First off is a chocolate version of my Simple-E Delicious Macaroons, which is a really quick treat to make.  Toss in some cocoa powder, dip the final cookie in dark chocolate and you have Chocolate Covered Macaroons.

Chocolate Macaroons

Next is my daughters favorite, a Dark Chocolate& Sunbutter Shortbread.  It’s a quick and easy cookie for any occasion.


Last, but not least, is my favorite indulgence Balsamic-Berry-Chocolate Cookie.  There’s something about the bitter and sweet that make me crazy.


Of course, I have other things in the works, this was just a few things I decided to make today with my precious free time in order to share, incase you needed a few treat ideas. Whether you celebrate the 14th or not, make yourself a little somethin’ somethin’.  


Any thoughts?

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