Sweet (Potato) Leftovers – 4 Quick Family & Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

I loooooove sweet potatoes, I’m seriously addicted. Canned, frozen or fresh, these little suckers can be a great post workout snack, comfort food  or main attraction to any meal.  

When cooking, I tend to use leftovers and try to “Iron Chef” it.  Eggs, meat, and of course, sweet potatoes are a staple in my pantry and I’ve made several tasty & inexpensive dishes that the entire family enjoys and my wallet loves. 

Start the morning with a Meat & Egg Stuffed Sweet Potato

Pictured with omelette strips, roast beef & hot sauce


 or Sweet Potato & Onion Tortilla Espanola which can be pre-made and heated up in the mornings with a side of bacon…mmmm…bacon!

Tortilla Patata

For a Mid-day snack, or just because you need a hug, have a big warm bowl of Sweet Potato & Bacon Soup


For Dinner, Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

(or stuff it with any leftovers you have handy…even stew…mmmmm)



Any thoughts?

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