Vermont Smoke and Cure – Real Sticks

This week the family tried out Vermont Smoke and Cure Real Sticks.  

Located in Vermont, the company has been producing high quality meats for over 50 years.  They specialize in smoked meats provided by local Vermont farmers, but what my eye is what their products didn’t have…

• Made with beef grown without antibiotics and never fed animal byproducts.

• No sodium nitrite added.

• No nitrites or nitrates added except for those found naturally occurring in celery juice and sea salt.

• No preservatives.

• No gluten, no nuts, no milk.

• No MSG, no artificial colors, flavors or smoke.

These 1-oz  sticks are currently available in 3 flavors Chipotle, Cracked Pepper and BBQ.  


CHIPOTLE Has an amazing kick to it, a little too for our family.  The burn lasted a little longer than expected, but the flavor surpassed any other chipotle seasoned beef we’ve had in a very long time. 

CRACKED PEPPER – These sticks had a definite cracked pepper bite, which was mild enough to taste the meat. 

BBQWas by far the families favorite and has been requested to be a staple in the house.  There was a great balance of flavor, giving a hint of BBQ to accent the smoked meat…perfection!

 The Vermont Smoke & Cure’s Real Sticks have a great texture and are well seasoned. They are incredibly affordable for what the product is.  They average $1.25 each, that’s a steel considering Slim-Jims are the same price with all the added junk to boot. 

For you Paleo peeps out there,  there’s molasses sugar, so read the ingredients to see if they are an acceptable snack to you.   

Overall we give the sticks 2.5 thumbs up 3thumbs-up


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