The Good Cookies & Beyond

The Good Cookies & Beyond,  based out of Torrance California, is co-owned and operated by friends, Amber Trailer & Lisa McCulloch.  The allergen friendly bakery has been cooking up treats since 2010 and shipping them all across the USA.


In addition to having gluten & wheat free products, they also have dairy free as well as vegan products.  Let them know what your allergy is and they will try to accommodate you.

Their menu is extensive, providing a variety of cupcakes, pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, bread as well as donut holes.

Sampler Tray

The double chocolate brownie is the most “Paleo Friendly” of all their products.  It is made with organic natural cane sugar and almond flour and definitely worth the splurge.   Not overly chocolatey, just enough to curb this chocolaholics sweet tooth.

Double Chocolate Brownie

Donut holes are hard to come by when you’re living gluten-free, so these bite size goodies were a complete treasure to run across.  They have a great balance of sugar and cinnamon, without being overly “sugary”. These are by far my daughters new favorite indulgence. 


Their Almond Butter Coconut Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie and Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Cookie stayed soft & chewy after 2 days.  There’s really no almond butter explosion that happens, you definitely taste the chocolate.  The Almond Butter Coconut Chocolate Chip reminds me of a Mrs. Fields CocoMac cookie…finally a replacement 🙂


The frosting on the cupcakes is amazing, not very sweet or buttery, once again a great balance.  The cake portion is incredibly moist, which is rare for a gluten-free product.


CURRENT PRICING (not including shipping)

  • Cookies $1.50 ea or $12 dozen
  • Brownies $2.75 ea
  • Cupcakes $3.50 ea or $36 dozen
  • Muffin $3.25 or $32 dozen (flavors change)
  • Organic Bread $10 loaf (soft and delicious, it reminds me of conventional bread, not that hard frozen stuff you find at the market)

Contact them for custom cake pricing or with any additional product pricing questions at 310-941-1426 or e-mail

Overall we love the variety they offer and are especially fond of the brownie and donut holes.  Luckily we live close enough to pick up treats rather than having them shipped, but they do offer shipping across the US.

We give them 2.5 thumbs up! 


Visit them at for more information


One thought on “The Good Cookies & Beyond

  1. I’m trying to get off wheat and sugar, so I’ve been looikng for a starter recipe using almond flour, this one turned out pretty well, despite a lot of substitutions I used half chickpea flour, I added cocoa instead of chocolate chips, subbed earth balance for the fat and sweetened with a little coconut sugar and stevia. Still pretty delicious, so thanks great recipe, really simple and flexible!

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