Life seems to be a constant juggling act and if that’s not the case for you, please tell me what you’re secret is.

I have a fairly flexible routine with lots of cushion to squeeze in the unexpected.

  • Wake-up
  • Get the family ready for the day
  • Work (Mon-Fri)  or grown-up stuff (weekends)
  • Read for 10 minutes (it’s my “alone” time)
  • Sneak in some social media stuff
  • Jiu Jitsu and/or Yoga
  • Family time
  • Meal prep and organization for the next day
  • Sleep
  • Rinse & Repeat

Those things alone keep me fairly busy. Sometimes I have to add in parent stuff like meetings, special events, doctors blah blah blah. I’d say I’m really good about getting things done without feeling overwhelmed….until yesterday.

Work has been a bit crazy lately.   I’ve taken on a bigger workload and new responsibilities, but nothing I can’t manage due to my amazing juggling skills. However, I was recently given a key to the building and asked (ok TOLD) to be one of the rotating closers.  This means I work 9am-7pm, 1-2 nights a week.  That seriously throws off my routine.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to have a job and especially one that trusts me to close.  I’m also fully aware that it’s only 1-2 nights a week, not an overall life altering change, it’s just now I’m feeling slightly off kilter.

I’m sure, ok, I KNOW, plenty of people have similar situations, I hear it throughout my day. Complaints about how nobody has time to do things they want to do or they’re proud that they’re soooo busy to the point they medicate and/or have no time for family.   As if busy is some badge of honor.  Why do we glorify the word “busy”?  Slow it down and take a few steps to get un-busy and find your balance.


So, to get me back to center I’ve taken 2 tiny steps…2…that’s it.

1. Ask for help

  • Communication is key and asking people to pick up the slack is a life saver
    • I spoke with a co-worker that is able to assist me with a few projects if I need back-up
    • My husband will help out a little extra the days I close just so I don’t feel anxious. 
    • My daughter will learn to become slightly more self-sufficient and it’s time for her to take on some chores.

2. DON’T give up something you love just to save time

  • Giving up something you love will make you resentful and that’s not productive – RESENTMENT IS SUICIDE.
    • My first thought was “well, there goes one night of yoga”.  Not the case, I can wake up a little earlier to squeeze in some additional yoga time OR use my lunch hour to get in a walk and stretch at the park
    • I can use my lunch break to run errands or work on social media stuff so I have time to spend time with my family when I get home

Like I said, not HUUUUGE and mind blowing, but I know I’m not alone.

Keeping doing what you love and learn to GO WITH THE FLOW RATHER THAN DROWN IN THE UNDERTOW!




Any thoughts?

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