There are so many cookbooks that it’s so hard to decide if it’s worth the money. I know, I’ve spent money on books, but have only used 2 recipes before shelving it and moving on.

If you’re looking for a basic cookbook to start cleaning up your diet, want to remove grains and gluten from your meals then  “Paleogasm“, written by Camille Macres, might be the book for you.

This cookbook has simple recipes using very basic ingredients, which is a good thing.  What I mean is that you don’t need to hunt down spices from India or import fruits from Thailand to make some crazy meal.  In fact, many of the ingredients are the same, which makes shopping and cooking that much better in my opinion…MONEY SAVER$$$

Unlike many some other cookbooks, “Paleogasm” covers a broad spectrum of foods rather than just focusing on desserts, but don’t fret, the desserts provided are super tasty.






A couple things to consider,  though stated to be “dairy free” there are a few recipes that do call for butter. Also, if you are on a strict Paleo diet, be warned that some recipes call for cashews.  Personally I don’t take issue with cashews, but technically being a legume some people aren’t fans.

I’ve seen the book price fluctuate. Currently (9/12/13) it’s being sold for $19.99 and currently available on Kindle for $9.99 (this is the way to go).

Like I mentioned, it’s a great book for those starting out and looking to clean up their diet, remove gluten and grains and possibly try out a  Paleo or Primal meal plan.  If you’re an experienced gluten-free and grain-free cook, then this probably wont be the book for you.

For more information on Camille please visit  RecipeRx

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